developing leaders, changing lives

Together we can empower high school and middle school students to reach their campuses for Christ. To all those who partner with us in the gospel, thank you for your faithful prayer and generous support!

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send campus mentors

College students provide personalized coaching for students at one school

Campus Mentors are our frontline workers, providing personalized coaching for students. 1-2 Campus Mentors are assigned to coach a Christian club for an entire year leading, teaching, encouraging, and inspiring students wanting to reach their school for Christ. 150 university students next year will volunteer their time as Campus Mentors.

$425 trains 1 volunteer Campus Mentor and equips 1 school.

Next year, we plan to train 150 Campus Mentors in Illinois, California, Green Bay, WI, and Lakewood, WA, totaling $63,750.

hire student leaders

College students coordinate gospel movements at 3-4 schools

Next year we will have 30+ college Student Leaders across the country. Each overseeing ministry and outreach happening at 3-4 schools. Hired as part time workers, these leaders work 16-20 hours, coordinating gospel movements across a whole city.

$6,000 hires 1 Student Leader for one year, in addition to their own support raising efforts.

We have already hired 30 to serve in Illinois, California, Green Bay, WI, and Lakewood, WA, next year, totaling $180,000.


Outreach Weeks give an entire campus the opportunity to hear the gospel

Outreach Weeks saturate campuses with the Gospel by simultaneously focusing on NSP’s best outreach strategies: rallies during the school day, distribution of Christian materials, personal witnessing, follow-up, and prayer. Each strategy is powerful in its own right, but when they are all done at the same time over the span of a week entire campuses are given the opportunity to hear the gospel.

$700 provides guest speakers and outreach materials for 1 Outreach Week.

We want to support 125 schools next year across the nation, totaling $87,500.

give where most needed

Sponsor the National School Project generally by donating to Where Most Needed.

In the 2017-2018 school year we will help coach 125 schools throughout CA, AZ, WA, IL, and WI. Hundreds of students will be mobilized to share their faith on their campuses, college students will be mobilized to coach these students, and prayerfully many will come to saving faith in Jesus! Please partner with us to make that happen!