we're sharing the gospel 'til every student has heard. join us!

The National School Project envisions a student-led, church-supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school. 

Since 2002, NSP has helped to impact over 300 schools, introducing thousands of students to the gospel. Today, we're accelerating the mission of reaching students for Christ! Check out our introductory video below!


our Campus objectives

How do you create a campus awakening to the love of Christ? 

NSP has four main objectives that serve as guidelines for accomplishing our mission.

  • objective #1 - Reach every student

    Many public schools have an average of 2,000 students in attendance. Every student is unique and of incredible value to God, so why settle for only reaching a handful of them? Our objective is to share the gospel 'til every student has heard.

  • objective #2 - mobilize christian students

    While it would be exciting enough for every student at a school to hear the gospel, it is equally important to involve as many Christian students as possible in accomplishing that goal! We want to help raise up an entire new generation of bold Christian witnesses for Christ.

  • Objective #3 - mobilize the christian community

    The most effective outreaches happen at schools with a lot of support from the Christian Community. Parents, teachers, city council members, and churches all have a role to play. It is our dream to connect at least one church to every campus we coach, and hopefully many more than that!  

  • Objective #4 - develop future leaders

    One of the greatest opportunities and challenges of campus ministry is that a new group of students come to campus every year. That means that this mission never truly ends! To ensure long-term ministry health at a school, new leaders must continually be developed.

Ministry Model

How we accomplish our campus objectives

we mentor christian clubs.

NSP equips college students and young adults to mentor the leaders of a Christian club over the span of a year. These Campus Mentors develop close relationships with the students, pray for them, and invest in their lives. They also take students through a training curriculum using our Outreach Guide that is customized for each school depending on their needs and goals.

Campus Mentors are the defining element of our ministry model. We not only provide training and resources for students, but our Campus Mentors provide on-going personal support to them until they are successful at accomplishing their outreach goals!

we put students center stage.

NSP never takes over clubs or forces clubs to do anything. We will not lead the mission for them. Students are put in the spotlight and take charge of reaching their school!

Students develop their own goals for their school. Students select their own strategies. Students run their own club meetings. Students organize their own events. Students request and coordinate their own guest speakers.

It is our joy to develop a new generation of Christian leaders who are courageous, filled with conviction, and long to serve the Lord with their whole heart.

we teach simple strategies that combine together for maximum impact.

To reach an entire campus for Christ, single outreach strategies are rarely sufficient to expose every student to the Gospel. It is much more effective to use multiple strategies at the same time! NSP trains students to organize large-scale evangelistic events during the school day called rallies, mobilize Christians on campus to share Christ with their peers, and pass out hundreds of Christian materials. These strategies are not only used throughout the semester, but are often done back-to-back during a focused week of outreach in which hundreds of students hear the Gospel!

Imagine it. You are a high school student. You show up on campus and are shocked to see posters hanging up all over campus advertising the "Jesus Week" that the Christian Club is hosting. Someone hands you a Bible while you walk to your first class. At lunch, someone invites you to an event in the gym, where a local youth pastor explains who Jesus is and offers evidence for the existence of God. After school, someone from the club approaches you and asks what you think about God... eventually offering to share what the Bible teaches about Him.

This is not a pipe dream. This is what happens every semester at many schools that partner with the National School Project. It's normal!

We help new believers grow.

Christian Clubs collect contact information from the students that they share the Gospel with. We train the clubs to use this information to personally follow-up with their peers and invite them to Christian Club, church, and further one-on-one conversations about God. NSP provides clubs with resources for teaching the basics of Christianity at their club meetings. 

We challenge new believers to get involved with the club and immediately start participating in the mission of sharing the Gospel with the rest of the school!

we unite communities.

Because we care so much about the Christian Community, we want to unite as many people as possible in the mission of reaching schools for Christ. We intentionally partner with other passionate parachurch ministries that want to reach schools for Christ. We connect churches together so that they can collaborate... not compete. We provide a platform for Christian speakers, entertainers, musicians, and more to get their information out to students so that they can bring their talents directly onto campuses for powerful outreaches.