One Team, two states

Since the beginning, we prayed that God would use us in big ways to reach every school. At first, that prayer was for every school in California. But God keeps sending opportunities to coach students across state lines, students who are ready for the gospel to transform their school! We’re already in 2 states with the Chicago Opportunity and its only growing from there.

National School Project

So, to follow God’s leading and pray bigger prayers to coach students across the nation, we are launching the National School Project. We’re still the same organization, with the same methods and mission statement, but now our mission field is 25 times larger. 

California School Project

What about the California School Project? Don’t worry; CSP isn’t going anywhere. In fact, CSP is expanding for more gospel coaching then ever as a state ministry within the National School Project. Since CSP started in 2002, the prayer was always to reach the whole state. To date, we’ve coached students at nearly 10% of the 1000+ schools in California, and there’s a lot of work left to do. 

Illinois School Project

And at the same time, we’re thrilled to launch the Illinois School Project. From our perspective, ISP started as a Hometown Trip in 2010, and took shape as the Chicago Opportunity in 2013. But we know that the Holy Spirit has been at work in the public schools of Illinois since the beginning and He will carry the work forward through His church. We can’t wait to see how ISP get’s to help with the transformation we’ve all been praying for.

Why NSP?

In choosing a new name, there are tons of options. The National School Project is the right name for this organization for a few key reasons:

  1. NSP demonstrates our commitment to reaching students across the nation. Even though we're not there yet, the scope of our mission is permanently expanded. We are actively building our capacity to reach start teams in states throughout America. 
  2. NSP reflects our innovative ministry model. Paired with unique names for state ministries, NSP focuses the mission of reaching every school within each state while also making the mission feasible to accomplish. Where reaching 21,000 schools across America feels daunting, reaching a few hundred schools in a state is possible. Further, this name places an emphasis on local ownership for local communities to reach local schools. Finally, it fosters our DNA of helping others do what they pray for rather than simply doing it ourselves.
  3. NSP positions us for strong future growth. First, NSP leverages the name recognition we already have with CSP and expands it. Creating state projects 1 at a time entices church communities in other states to make the necessary commitment to form a NSP state project of their own. And lastly, a structure with new state ministries will harness the energy and innovation of a continual start-up phase for the next decade or beyond.

Of course, this is a huge mission and we can't do it alone:
See what part you can play.