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National School Project

Students are sharing Christ with their friends at public high schools, all across America. 

We're sending coaches to help them and gathering prayer to surround them. Read below for stories from 4 states!

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Praise God in the Highest

look what he did in Fall 2015

These numbers reflect just this semester, since August. There’s still more to come this winter, and so much more in the spring!

  • What are the results so far?

    79 Witnessing Trips

    17 Rallies (with at least 20 more this semester!)

    1403 Students at Outreach Rallies

    662 Gospel Presentations

    36 Indicated Decisions

    *These numbers cover all the outreach that occurred before press-time, but our printing schedule doesn't stop God!

  • where are we active?

    2 States with Established Ministry

    6 Active Chapters

    10 Areas of Ministry

    87 Middle and High School Campuses

  • who is making the ministry happen?

    1 God

    17 Full Time Staff

    23 Student Leaders & Interns

    102 Campus Mentors

    Countless People Praying

stories from the

California School Project


    Over the past 10 years, we’ve coached schools in L.A. centered around Biola and Azusa Pacific universities. We’re still doing that, but now God is taking us new places, too! From San Diego to Sacramento, God is opening ministry doors in 6 distinct areas, and we’re running to keep up. Here are some stories from our exciting new and growing areas of ministry, as well as reports from our flagship chapters.

  • Student-led witnessing is taking off and changing lives

    Bakersfield, CA - Less than 1 year after launching, the Kern County chapter has 10 high schools planning evangelism & outreach! Already this fall, 26 students from 5 of those schools shared Christ with their peers on campus. One student, from Golden Valley High, had never heard any part of the gospel before; she had heard the name of Jesus, but that was it. When she finally learned of her sin and God’s love from CSP Campus Mentors, she began a new life right there! Another student from Golden Valley was a self-professed atheist, and after hearing the gospel a few Christian students and a CSP Campus Mentor, she decided to give her life to God!

  • 12 year olds lead a gospel movement at Rincon Middle School

    Escondido, CA - This summer, Jesus transformed Taylor’s life. She told her sister (a CSP student leader) about it, who encouraged Taylor to start a Christian club at her junior high school. The very next day, she talked to the principal and suddenly a new club was created. Taylor and 3 other 7th graders (pictured, praying) see the hopelessness on their campus that leads their friends to depression, self-harm, bullying, and drugs. That’s what motivates them to offer the hope they have in Jesus. On their very first time witnessing as a club, 2 self- described atheist students were so impressed with their message that they began coming to the Christian club meetings.

  • Students organize a movement in the SouthBay and call csp to help them

    Torrance, CA - Over the summer, student leaders from nearly a dozen campuses in the South Bay met to pray about using the coming year for the glory of God. They called their movement The WAVE and made it their aim to give every student at their schools a chance to meet Jesus. When they realized they needed help with that huge goal, these students invited mentors from CSP to come coach them. All told, students at 6 schools are working toward outreach weeks in December!

  • High School students return as campus mentors to reach their city for Christ.

    San Jose, CA - Last spring, Christian clubs at several San Jose high schools held outreach weeks. This fall, 3 of those seniors – now attending 3 different universities – have returned to coach Christian club leaders in San Jose so that their gospel legacy continues to bear fruit for the kingdom! This January, club leaders in San Jose will start the new year with an outreach week called “#Goals” to tell their campuses that “God’s #1 goal is to love you.” 

  • Local church invites CSP to come coach high schools in Sacramento

    Lincoln, CA - Over the summer, a church northwest of Sacramento formally invited CSP to come help high school students in their city. This fall, Devin, a CSP student leader from Biola, led a team to his hometown to give witnessing training to students from Lincoln High School and Glen Edward Middle School and to launch this movement with a night of prayer. Believers of all ages from two local churches gathered to pray for awakening at public school campuses. Christian students from both of these schools are getting ready for a joint witnessing day. Stay tuned to see what God does in Lincoln as His body prays for change.

  • Student leaders experience tremendous growth

    The 4 student leaders in the Biola Chapter are taking their burden of leadership seriously, and God is changing their lives. Here’s what some of them have to say about this year:

    • I am learning through doing ministry that when I don't know what to do, or when I do that I should go to prayer. – Janda
    •   God has been proving to me that the many hours I put into working as a student leader is only a fraction of the time He spends growing, nurturing, and blessing me with all his provisions and opportunities. – Teon (pictured with students at a training event) 
    • I have seen God work wonders in the Downey area, where the community has rallied around what is happening with CSP and the High School Christian clubs. – Megan  
    • I've had so many short bursts of deep learning, and God has just pushed me through all of them. – Shannon (pictured with students at a training event) 
  • 7 schools in SGV hold rallies before Christmas!

    Glendora, CA - For schools everywhere, the fall semester is always a hard time to schedule outreach because the student leaders are just learning to lead. But that's not stopping schools in the San Gabriel Valley  this year. Our SGV chapter  is thrilled to help 7 schools with outreach weeks in the fall semester; thats a 700% increase in campus outreach over last year! Just like Charli - pictured speaking at her rally at Glendora high school, these students are ready to share the word of Christ with their friends on campus.

  • Students in Fontana thrive on community support

    Fontana, CA - Fontana is far from any CSP university chapter for our college students to help the schools. So 2 churches in Fontana have supplied volunteer mentors to coach students at 6 high schools. With vision and direction from CSP staff, these students are holding campus-wide outreach rallies, and many are coming to hear the message of Christ. In this photo, a volunteer mentor from a local church serves as the guest speaker for a gospel rally at AB Miller High School!




    After 2 years testing the waters as the Chicago Opportunity, we’re humbled to see God’s hand leading us to officially launch the Illinois School Project! We pray and work towards this Midwest ministry team reaching all the schools in Chicago (which is well underway through our teams at Moody, Wheaton, and TIU), and also sending new ministries across the nation. That prayer is beginning with 2 additional states this fall. Be encouraged with these stories at home and beyond!

  • fall rally at Wheaton North HS sees lives changed

    Wheaton, IL - The leaders of Falcons for Christ are not ashamed of the gospel, so they filled the gym one night in October to share the hope of new life in Christ. Their guest speaker, Louis Dooley, shared how God got ahold of his life after he received a prison sentence of life plus 100 years. He told the story of rushing into a prison cell to kill another prisoner, only to find the man having a Bible study! Louis used his story to invite students to accept Jesus’ offer of new life and forgiveness. After his message, 17 students indicated they rededicated their lives to Christ and 4 students indicated they accepted Christ for the first time!

  • ISp heads east for the Cleveland hometown trip

    Cleveland, OH - This fall, students from Wheaton College began coaching and training a group of believers at Berea-Midpark High School just outside of Cleveland. The school is new, and the students aren’t even recognized as an official club yet. However, these students are praying and planning for two outreach weeks in the spring semester to declare the good news of Jesus to their peers, and they’re excited. Alyssa, club leader taking the selfie on the left, writes, “Holy cow, I’m so excited to be launching this huge outreach club at Berea-Midpark with some amazing people! God is going to do some amazing things!!”

  • New staff member joins the team to lead at moody bible institute

    Chicago, IL - Jon Cox will become the first full-time staff member to join the Illinois School Project when he takes the field in January. When he was in high school in Minnesota, God worked through Jon and his friends to reach their campus for Christ and to mobilize Christian students at dozens of other campuses. Reaching the next generation generation remains his passion and we’re thrilled to bring his talents and his faith to the team.

  • growing Christian club reaching Hersey High

    Arlington Heights, IL - When the student at Hersey High School held an outreach rally in November, they didn't know who would come. As it turned out, over 70 students showed up 2 days in a row to hear the gospel. That's exciting, but the biggest win was seeing 9 student leaders publicly sharing their testimonies. This is huge growth over last year; a team believers unashamed of Christ can change the school. 

  • exploration in Seattle starts with students taking a stand

    Seattle, WA - Students at Mount Lake Terrace High School are planning their first ever outreach week coming up in February, which will feature Louis Dooley (also spoke at Wheaton North) and William Green, former NFL player, to share their testimonies on campus. Ryan, NSP staff member, is training Grace, Josh, and some of the other students (pictured at a training event) to share the gospel in preparation for this historic step of faith for the school. This is the first school Ryan is coaching, and we’re praying with him for students at 2 more high schools to join the movement very soon.

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