Partner directly with high school and middle students as they reach their campuses for Christ

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outreach guides

The Outreach Guide is our NSP training curriculum, written directly to students leaders of Christian clubs at public schools, who have a desperate desire to see their campus changed by the love of Christ. It challenges Christian club leaders to take the legal opportunities they have as students to share the good news of Jesus with more people than they ever imagined they could! It’s filled with outreach ideas, ministry perspective, scripture, and practical planning tips to successfully reach their school with the gospel. Our Campus Mentoring program is built around this training curriculum. One key training topic is personal witnessing. Throughout the year, Campus Mentors walk their students through ongoing witnessing training so that they grow as bold ambassadors of Jesus.

February 13, 2015: Then campus mentor Phillip Moreno took many of Covina High School’s Christian club leader’s witnessing for the first time. They loved it! One leader even said, “I can't wait to do this again!” And all were encouraged by the hunger of so many to know more about God.

October 4, 2016: At Foothill High School in Kern County, a Christian club leader shared the Gospel for the first time, and was struck with the reality of what she was saying, she started to cry even as she was sharing, but was equally filled with excitement to be sharing. Outreach Guides help students create opportunities like this. They also teach students how to: host rallies on campus, follow up with students, mobilize more Christian students, partner with their Christian community, etc.


  • An Outreach Guide for 1 Club Leader = $20
  • Outreach Guides for a Leadership Team = $80


gospel booklets

Gray Sutanto, high school Christian club leader shared of his experience witnessing on his campus: “As I was telling [two girls] the gospel, something happened. … Their faces soon turned from bewilderment to excitement. A frown turned into a smile. A smile turned into laughter. Eyes that were once blank were filled. Right in front of me, I saw the grace of God working in a person’s heart, and it was wonderful. One girl responded to this good news, ‘I was never taught [who Christ really is]. That is amazing.’ Right then and there they asked how they could receive Christ as their Savior.”

We live for moments like these: of people hearing the life-changing message of the love of Christ and responding with excitement and readiness. Gospel Booklets are tools we use in NSP to help enhance witnessing conversations. They help our students walk through the gospel message in just a few minutes, they contain key verses from Scripture, and they naturally lead the conversation toward asking the person to make a decision to receive Christ. These Gospel Booklets are a key teaching tool to students eager to learn to share their faith.


  • Gospel Booklets for 1 Afternoon of Witnessing = $10
  • Gospel Booklets for 1 Year of Monthly Witnessing = $80


outreach week packs

Here’s a quote from a student, Katie, at Willow Canyon High School who reflects on God’s faithfulness after hosting her 1st Outreach Week on her campus: “God says to go out into all the world and tell them who Jesus is and tell them what He did for you. That’s our job. So I feel accomplished. I feel like God has empowered me. And I never thought I would have have been able to do something like this. … It’s really cool. You ask God to come into your life and empower you in such a cool way, and He really does it. He answers our prayer.”

Outreach Week Packs support the high school and middle school students in their first Outreach Week of the year, giving them tools they need to build momentum for the gospel on campus. As they work hard to host outreach rallies on their campus, we want to come alongside them by providing promotional materials and Christian materials for their week. In future Outreach Weeks, we’ll train them raise funds for these needs through their local church.

An Outreach Week Pack includes:

  1. $50 for Donuts and Flyers
  2. 100 Gospel Booklets
  3. 25 New Testament Bibles
  4. 25 Apologetic DVDs


  • A Portion of an Outreach Week Pack = $20
  • An Outreach Week Pack for 1 School = $200
  • Outreach Week Packs for an Area of Schools = $800


school training events

Throughout the year on a weekly basis, our Campus Mentors meet weekly with their Christian Club leaders to provide them personalized mentoring and coaching. In addition to that, we gather students together from multiple schools for longer times of mentoring training at School Training Events. This added time allows us to dive deeper into scripture and specific training topics with the leaders, it provides time for encouragement as students hear from other students their gospel centered vision for their schools, and collectively students spur one another on in their walks with the Lord.

Our staff member Ollie Mulligan says of the Kern County Training Events, “We’re so excited for the way that God is encountering the students who have been coming to our training events. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where God has free reign to do what he wants in these students’ hearts, and it seems like that’s happening. When God changes these students’ hearts and satisfies their hearts with his love, they’ll naturally want to go help others experience what they’ve experienced. In this way, we’re hoping that they’ll be equipped to be walking revivals on their campuses, which, God willing, will result in accomplishing our vision of these campuses truly being awakened to the love of Christ.”


  • A Portion of 1 School Training Event = $20
  • 1 School Training Event = $100
  • 4 School Training Events = $400


president's scholarship

The President's Scholarship will help high school students who have reached their schools through our coaching and mentoring join our team in college so they can pass on what they have learned to other Christian club leaders and students. The President’s Scholarship will be awarded to students of strong character, who can use their platform as students who have reached their schools to inspire other students to do the same!

The President’s Scholarship will be awarded to select students who have:

  • Proven leadership in reaching his/her high school for Christ
  • Strong Christian character
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Eager commitment to join NSP team in college

President’s Scholars will serve with NSP at least 12 hours/week to:

  • Leverage their platform as students who have reached their schools to inspire other students to do the same
  • Help NSP improve the coaching and mentoring we provide high school students
  • Receive advanced leadership training to quickly become leaders in NSP

A single President’s Scholarship will be $5,000 a year per student. And the goal is to have four President’s Scholarships available in 2017-2018. That’s $20,000 total!


  • Joining with Others to Award Students = $20/month
  • Supporting a Single Student’s Scholarship = $5,000


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high school and middle school students

Partner directly with high school and middle students as they reach their campuses for Christ

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