Pray and Send

We're praying for God to do even more than before.

Join us to launch the year as NSP works to reach 125 schools this school year. Will you join us to pray and send?


We're working to cover the new year in prayer. Will you join us for 40 Days of Prayer from Sunday, Oct 8 to Thursday, Nov 16. Click here to sign up to pray and download the guide.


For $110, you can send a Campus Mentor to coach high school students for gospel outreach, providing the training and supplies they need.*

*We're looking to the Lord to provide $100,000  to carry NSP through December 2017. You can contribute to this larger goal by indicating "As Most Needed" on your donation. 

God is at work.

In the 2016-2017 school year alone, God used NSP to let over 21,000 students hear the gospel at 93 schools, with 1,130+ indicating first time decisions to follow Christ. 

This year, we're praying for God to do even more as we look to coach 125 schools! We're eager to see fruit as more and more schools are coached in new areas. To succeed, we need your help to send mentors and launch the year in prayer.

This fall, NSP will train 160 mentors, turning fresh volunteers into a driven and highly capable force. Those volunteers will coach high school students to lead gospel movements across their campus. More than just providing technical skills, NSP Fall Training is a powerful time of life-change and sharpened convictions when volunteers become campus mentors. It's a crucial time that will have a dramatic impact on the gospel outreach that will happen later in the year.


Read on to see how training has primed some of our mentors for ministry and to see how you can join them.

Discipling and Being Discipled

"Through mentoring two students at Ramona high school last year, God taught me more of what it looks like to be a disciple and what it means to disciple others. I love having the opportunity to share with others what God has taught me and see how He develops that in others as well,"

- Michael Dubisz

Michael Dubisz served as a Campus Mentor from CBU for a year before transitioning to becoming a Student Leader, where he now guides new Campus Mentors in addition to his local high school.

Developing Personal, Impactful Relationships

“When I was a Campus Mentor, God taught me that personal connection and consistent discipleship are key parts of loving your neighbor that get left out too often. Through mentoring, I was consistently reminded to keep an outward focus of what matters to God, and take action because of that.”

-Emily Rice

After mentoring a local high school for a year, Emily decided to also help develop Campus Mentors and help them forge lasting discipleship with their students.

Learning to Become All Things for All People

“When I think back on being a mentor I recall 1 Corinthians 9:22 where Paul says he has become all things to all people, that he might save some. Being a mentor means reaching diverse groups of people that make up a high school campus. In this God taught me to be patient and listen because to some students I became a coach or a mentor, and to some just someone to talk video games with, or sports, and to others, I became the first time they had ever heard the Gospel.”

-Ryan Bartlett

Ryan served as a Campus Mentor for three years because he loved cultivating bolder followers of Christ. Some of his students have gone on to become Campus Mentors and Student Leaders themselves.

Pray and send

This Fall, NSP will train and send out 160 Campus Mentors.

We're struck by the need to cover their ministry in prayer. That's why we're asking for you to join us in 40 Days of Prayer, from Sunday, Oct 8, to Thursday, Nov 16. Sign up here to receive that guide now! 

NSP will be hosting training events, prepping nearly all the mentors needed to coach high school students at 125 high schools this year.

$110 will help deliver high quality leadership and gospel training for 1 mentor. The full cost for the weekend of training is a bit more than $110, and our volunteers will each pay a fee to cover that difference and make the training valuable to them. We're working to raise $17,600 to train all 160 mentors.

We need your support and prayers to deliver that training and launch the year

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