our staff team

Our full-time staff team has grown to 19 people serving in California, Illinois, and beyond. Each staff member is supported financially and lifted up in prayer by a team of believers. Check out our staff and join a team by clicking on any of the names or photos below!

  • Heather Barnes


    Heather was the first high schooler in Chicago coached by NSP through our Distance Mentoring program. As she saw God work at Palatine High, she began praying that God would bring NSP to Illinois for the long-term. In faith, she started a new NSP Chapter at Moody Bible Insitute in 2013, then took a year off from college to work full-time in this mission in 2014. Now things have come full circle, and Heather is overseeing the very ministry that she prayed the Lord would bring to Illinois!

  • lisa cohen

    training DIRECTOR

    Lisa Cohen graduated from Biola University in 2012 with a B.A. in Intercultural Studies, bringing her  experience and knowledge to the team as NSP’s Expansion Director in 2013, before accepting the title of California Associate Director in 2016 and the position of Training Director in 2018. Lisa is passionate about building up her coworkers to “Love God, love others, and make disciples that love God, love others, and make disciples” and brings

    that mindset into all that she does. Lisa lives in La Palma, CA, together with her husband Kris and their two golden retrievers and  loves to play ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and just about anything sporty.

  • hannah cory

    mobilization coordinator

    After praying for God to stretch her faith, she followed His lead to join National School Project staff in 2015. She is passionate about reaching the lost and empowering Christians to live out their part of the Great Commission. After three years in campus ministry, Hannah is transitioning into the role of Mobilization Coordinator, mobilizing more laborers to be sent into the harvest!

  • Jonathan Cox

    illinois associate state director

    Passionate about youth ministry, Jon assisted in launching a campus movement from 2009-2014 reaching 100 high schools throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. After graduating from Moody Bible Institute with a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies in 2014, Jon joined staff as the Southwest Suburbs Chapter Director and now is serving as the Illinois Associate State Director.

  • Jaston Epp

    Biola Chapter Director

    Jaston began working with NSP as a freshman at Biola University in 2012 and joined the team full-time in 2016. After getting a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. in Biblical Studies, Jaston is now pursuing a seminary degree at Talbot School of Theology in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. Passionate about helping students to view themselves as missionaries, Jaston cares deeply about discipleship that includes witnessing and large-scale outreach. Jaston loves board games, ice hockey, Los Angeles, a well-written story, and spending quality time with his wife Sarah.

  • ben flemming


    Ben has been working with NSP for over thirteen years. Starting with volunteer work as a Campus Mentor  at Sonora High School, Ben soon joined staff and became the Biola Chapter Director in 2008 after graduating with a B.A. in Humanities-Philosophy. Since then he has also served as NSP’s Director of

    Central Operations, but has definitely found his niche as the Human Resources Director.

    Ben and his wife Laura have been married for seven years and are the proud parents of Samuel, their 1- year-old, and Davy, their adopted son who just turned 4. They are members at Redeemer Church in La Mirada, where Laura serves on the worship team and Ben serves as the Finance Director. In his work, he constantly recalls 1 Corinthians 15:58, “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always  abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”

  • kenny hood

    Finance Manager

    Kenny was a long time supporter of NSP before becoming the Finance Manager in 2016. He is  equipped with a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Biola University and a M.A. in New Testament Language and Literature, and his heart for ministering to public schools is rooted in the words of Romans 1:14, “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” Kenny regularly leads worship at

    Redeemer Church in La Mirada, CA, and lives in Buena Park, CA with his wife Catherine.

  • mark hopson


    Mark Hopson has been with NSP for fourteen years, beginning in 2003 as a Campus Mentor while attending  Biola University. After graduating in 2006, he joined NSP full-time as a Chapter Director for the greater Los Angeles area and served in this position for seven years during which time he received an M.A. in New Testament from Talbot School of Theology. 

    In 2013, Mark moved his family to Chicago, IL, to start three new ministry chapters at Trinity International  University, Moody Bible Institute, and Wheaton College, effectively launching what would become a brand new ministry hub to service the Midwest. In 2017, Mark became NSP’s second president. 

    Mark and his wife Shelley both grew up as missionary kids and now have three young children of their own,  Abigail, 7, Anna, 5, and Luke, 1. Together they live in Wheaton, IL, and attend College Church where Mark serves as chairman of the Evangelism Committee.

  • rich hung


    Rich received his M.Div. from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University in 2017 and a B.S. in  Business Administration from UC Riverside in 2007. Rich originally approached NSP seeking help mobilizing his church to evangelize to their local high school, but was so impressed with the mission and vision that he soon found himself on staff. After serving as the San Gabriel Valley Chapter Director for three years, he took a leap of faith and accepted the mantle of California State Director in 2016. Rich and his wife Kristen live in Long Beach, CA, and enjoy hiking, exercising and eating healthy.

  • Rachel kuehl


    Rachel is a 2015 graduate of Wheaton College where she studied English and took advanced classes in filmmaking. Her heart is to see the gospel spread throughout the world, especially in the hearts of young people. She loves to see Christians using their unique gifts "for Christ and his Kingdom." For Rachel, being able to use media to serve God at NSP is a dream job, and a good dream, not the kind where the bookshelf eats your dog.

  • Devin long

    Expansion director

    After serving with NSP as a college student for three years, Devin is now joining the team as a full-time staff member after graduating from Biola University with a degree in Biblical Studies this spring. His passion is to see the growth of strategic gospel-proclamation in different areas, and he sees NSP's value with that as being too important to not be a part of.

  • jonathan mestas

    Inland Empire Chapter field staff

    As a former student leader, Jon brings his passion and enthusiasm for campus ministry to the team. 

  • Phoebe Ng

    Marketing Director

    Phoebe graduated from University of California Los Angeles with a B.A. in English and is passionate about  impacting the lives of students. She has been serving in various ministries settings since 2006 including Christian gaming, youth ministry, church administration, and writing a full-length novel. She is an avid believer in young people’s ability to change the world and is excited to be part of a ministry that challenges them to do so. Phoebe enjoys board games, Legos, and photography and recently finished her last year of seminary at Talbot School of Theology for a MA in Spiritual Formation.

  • kellee popp

    development DIRECTOR

    As a Biola freshman, Kellee was looking for an outlet to apply what she learned from her associates degree  in Biblical Studies at Calvary Chapel Bible College, when she heard the vision of the National School Project from Warren Willis. Convinced of the necessity of this ministry work, Kellee spent three years serving in student leadership before graduating with a B.S. in Christian Teaching in 2007 and joining staff full-time. 

    Since then, Kellee has served in multiple capacities in NSP as the first Training Director, the first California  State Director, and the first Development Director. In these roles, Kellee pioneered the creation of NSP’s Outreach Guide, a training resource that has become the foundation of NSP’s leadership development and mentorship model. Kellee also oversaw and developed HomeTown Trips, an initiative that paved the way for rapid ministry expansion and growth in new areas. 

    Kellee and her husband Mike live in Long Beach, CA, with their newborn daughter Eisley, and attend Arbor  Road Church where Mike serves as an elder.

  • shannon storm

    biola chapter field staff

    Hailing from the IL/WI state line area, Shannon joined the NSP team in 2014 as a freshman at Biola University and continued to serve in many different capacities in the Biola Chapter throughout her college years. Heavily involved in her high school Christian club, Shannon saw the need in her high school firsthand, but was never fully equipped to go out and share her faith. After graduating with her B.A. in Psychology from Biola, Shannon moved to Southern California to join staff with NSP hoping to see the day where no Christian student graduates high school without being challenged to share the gospel and no non-Christian student graduates without being given the chance to hear it. She loves her church family at Calvary Chapel La Mirada, and is excited to continue investing there as she becomes more rooted in living in California.

  • lauren tom

    human resources coordinator

    After serving with NSP as a college student in the South Bay area for two years, Lauren will be joining the team as a full-time staff member after graduating from Biola University with a degree in Business Administration. With the experience she gained, she hopes to use her skills to serve as the Human Resources Coordinator and is excited to care for the NSP team. Lauren is passionate about seeing the gospel proclaimed across the nation as she has seen the impact of the gospel, both in the South Bay and at school’s NSP coaches. Along with serving on her church’s worship team, Lauren loves to watch sports and spend time with friends and family.

  • michael towson

    san gabriel valley chapter director

    Michael began volunteering with NSP while he was a Biola freshman in 2006 and came on full-time staff in 2010. He currently oversees the ministry in the San Gabriel Valley. His vision is to help build a team of 600 university students to coach and mentor students at all 300 high schools in the Greater Los Angeles Area. 

  • warren willis

    CEO & founder

    Warren Willis has over 50 years of experience in gospel outreach at home in the United States and abroad.  His ministry journey began in the 60’s at UC Berkeley with Campus Crusade for Christ. At the time, the Berkeley campus was known for being anti-establishment, and Warren witnessed to 199 people before a

    single person came to faith in Christ. After 44 years, with assignments at Berkeley, Micronesia, Canada,  the Philippines, and Mongolia, Warren has helped thousands of people come to Christ. 

    When Warren returned to the US, he was shocked to see the irreligious state of the public schools. Convicted, he founded the California School Project at Biola University in 2002, with the goal of training college students to mentor Christian students at public high schools in the area to reach their peers with

    the gospel. The ministry expanded steadily and is now known as National School Project: operating out of  ministry hubs in California and Illinois. 

    He continues to lead and inspire NSP to reach every public school in America.

Office Interns & Volunteers

Alongside our full-time staff, we're blessed with a team of 9 office interns and volunteers who keep NSP humming so we can serve our Student Leaders, Campus Mentors, club leaders, and community partners well.

  • Ariel Araujo

    Alumni Engagement Director

    Ariel was a student leader several years ago and rejoins NSP this year to engage alumni and the community around the mission field of public high schools.

  • Laura Bell

    training intern

    Having applied herself in building up a team of mentors in San Jose for the past two years, Laura is excited to apply her gifts differently this year by nurturing the leadership and maturity of the NSP team as a whole in her new role in the Training Department. 

  • jonah hamilton

    marketing intern

    After serving as a Campus Mentor for two years, Jonah is excited to bring his experience and knowledge in Public Relations to NSP as a Marketing Intern!

  • hannah mclaughlin

    marketing intern

    Having been personally coached as a high school club leader, Hannah understands the value of the mission and vision of NSP and is excited to further this mission by contributing with her skills in graphic design and media. 

  • emily meredith

    event and parent relations coordinator

    While a student at Wheaton College, Emily was thrilled to discover a ministry like NSP and was quick to offer her services to help coordinate events and deepen NSP's partnership with parents. 

  • roy perez

    Event coordinator

    Having personally coached and coordinated outreach at multiple schools in the Biola Chapter, Roy is excited to contribute to the work at NSP in a different way this year as the California Events Intern!

  • Joseph spends his time working hard to create awesome IT pieces for the National School Project, developing apps, improving databases, and brightening up the office with his youthful enthusiasm. 



    Leigh has a huge heart for outreach and is excited to contribute to the vision of NSP through her work in the Development department!

    • Leigh has a huge heart for outreach and is excited to contribute to the vision of NSP through her work in the Development department!

    • Leigh has a huge heart for outreach and is excited to contribute to the vision of NSP through her work in the Development department!

      Leigh has a huge heart for outreach and is excited to contribute to the vision of NSP through her work in the Development department!

  • Juana Zapata

    Financial Assistant

    Juana brings years of experience in the financial sector and an infectious love for the lost to NSP. In addition to processing donations and expenses, she serves on our campus ministry team to help reach students near Riverside, CA.