Below are our full-time & part-time staff for 2016-2017. This year, our team plans to recruit 75+ college students as volunteers to mentor students at 45 high schools to reach their campus for Christ.

  • Heather Barnes

    Illinois State Director

    Heather was the first high schooler in Chicago coached by NSP through our Distance Mentoring program. As she saw God work at Palatine High, she began praying that God would bring NSP to Illinois for the long-term. In faith, she started a new NSP Chapter at Moody Bible Insitute in 2013, then took a year off from college to work full-time in this mission in 2014. Now things have come full circle, and Heather is overseeing the very ministry that she prayed the Lord would bring to Illinois!

  • Clayton Schmidt

    Administration Director

    Senior: Biblical Studies Major

    Clayton led outreach at Fremd High with NSP's coaching in '12-'13. In one day, he saw the Lord bring 200 students to hear about Christ on his campus. In 2013, Clayton helped start NSP's Chapter at Trinity Int'l Univ, then took a year off college to work full-time advancing the mission around Chicago

  • jonathan cox

    Southwest Suburbs Chapter Director

    Passionate about youth ministry, Jon assisted in launching a campus movement from 2009-2014 reaching 100 high schools throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. After graduating from Moody Bible Institute with a Bachelors in Biblical Studies in 2014, Jon has joined staff as the Southwest Suburbs Chapter Director to reach this generation with the gospel. 


Serving the West Suburbs of Chicago that are

Home to 40 Schools and 80,000 Students

  • Hawken SAwyer

    Student Director - Junior: Christian Education Major

    "I am in this ministry because God has clearly led me here. He has been prepping me for this role and will continue to do so. The model works and I have had the great pleasure of seeing that. Also, I have a passion for sharing the Gospel with young people and seeing God do great things in their lives. This year I am praying that God would continue to lead NSP as we seek to lead high schoolers in a way that is filled with higher quality training - leading to higher quality rallies. I want to see this especially at Wheaton because that is where God has placed me. I am praying that high schoolers everywhere would be raised up and that God would give them a passion for reaching their school. I also am praying that the mission would advance more in Cleveland."


    Student Leader - Senior: Christian Education Major

    "In ISP, we get the chance to share the Gospel, disciple other believers and be discipled. That is so important to me because of the work that the Lord has done in my life. I want others to know the joy and only satisfaction for their souls, that is knowing and being loved by their Creator instead of filling their lives with counterfeit idols. I'm praying that the Gospel would be precious to me during all seasons this year and that would be seen in every area of my life, including ISP."

  • Julia Primuth

    Student Director - Sophomore: International Relations / Pre-Nursing Major

    "I'm part of ISP because I love being put in a place of continual reliance on the Lord and my heart is caught on the idea that God has something more for high school students than studying!"

  • aaron hezeltine

    Student Leader - Sophomore: Pre-med Major

    "I am in this ministry because I believe it is where God wants me in this point in my life, and because I am excited to see what God is going to do this year in the high schools that we coach. I am in this ministry to help high school students reach their schools for Christ, something I wanted to do in high school but didn't know how. So I am praying this year that God will begin a revival in the greater Chicago area, and that we will be able to see lives changed and submitted to a growing relationship with Christ."

  • sean luke

    Student Leader - Sophomore: Biblical Studies Major

    "I'm in this ministry because I want to see Jesus exalted in our high schools. When Christ found me as a Sophomore, the whole trajectory of my life changed. I want them to know that Jesus is the treasure they're looking for that liberates them from idolatry, selfishness, drug addiction, and death. I'm praying that God would start an awakening in the West Suburbs. I want to see Neuqua Valley, Metea, Naperville Central, and any other school we work with this year reached with the Gospel and changed. I'm praying that God awakens the hearts of high schoolers and breathes life into the community in and through them."

Trinity international university chapter

Serving the North and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago

  • Brennan Bowman

    Student Director - 4th year: MDiv Honors Track

    "I am in this ministry to reach high school students with the gospel, grow as a leader, and I have had a great experience of doing both those things in the past two years. I am also in this ministry because there is a great need and I believe God has called me to be a part of fulfilling that need this year. This year I am praying for students to get saved through all of the outreaches at every one of our schools, to have more mentors and work with more schools than our TIU team has ever worked with, to do outreach at over 11 schools, and to change the culture of our college to be gospel centered in a clearer way."

  • Daniella Neri

    Student Leader - Senior: Christian Ministries Major

    "NSP allows me, a college student, to do something now that I wish I had the opportunity to do back when I was a high school student. This ministry gives students the opportunity to legally get Christ back into their high school, share the gospel with their peers, plant some seeds and God willing, disciple their new brothers and sisters!"

  • Matt Schuberth

    Student Leader - 2nd year: MDiv Honors Track

    "I am in this ministry because I want to see High School Students to hear the Gospel of Christ. I want to see Trinity enlist 10 schools and 20 campus mentors."

moody bible institute

Serving the Schools of Inner-city Chicago and the Southwest Suburbs

  • Dekota Johnson

    Student Director - Junior: Biblical Studies Major

    "I'm all for this mission. It encourages me to be able to coach and mentor young Christians as they begin their journey in one of America's most challenging scenarios - the public high school. These leaders are the next generation of the church! I can't wait to see what God is going to do while we put our faith and trust in him."

  • gabbie gonzales

    Student Leader - Sophomore: Youth Ministry Major

    "I'm in this ministry because I want to bring the same message that saved me in high school to others who are in the same chains I once was. I'm praying big for these high school leaders to receive quality/God-fearing leaders to inspire them to be more like Christ, boldly live out their faith on their high school campuses and inspire other Christians to do the same."  

  • Kyle bafia

    Student Leader - Sophomore: Youth Ministry Major

    "I am in this ministry because I believe the most important decision a person can make is the decision to follow Jesus. I believe that God has called me to assist in the sovereign, Spirit dependent, process of leading students to Christ, and help college students do the same."

  • katie fugett

    Student Leader - Sophomore: Urban Ministry Major

    "I am in this ministry because I want to see communities that don't have Christ reached for God and the way to do that is through high schoolers. My prayer is that ISP can change an entire community by starting in the high school."