Parents info page

High school students are leading the charge to bring the gospel to their public schools. 

We need you and they need you to be involved. 

catch the vision

The Illinois School Project is grateful for the opportunity to train students to bring the message of Christ to their public schools. We cannot do this alone and your students cannot do this alone. We need your help. We hope this page helps you get a clearer idea of the vision and how you can help.


    NSP is committed to training students to bring the gospel to their public schools. We believe God can do incredible things to reach the lost through high school students leading the way. We do not start clubs or run clubs. We coach and mentor students so that they can be missionaries to their own campuses. 

  • What is the vision?

    Our vision is to see a student-led, church-supported, campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school. We recruit & train college students to coach & mentor high school students to reach their campus for Christ. 


  • What does this look like at a campus?

    We help students reach their campus through personal witnessing, evangelistic rallies, distributing Bibles. Students usually combine these into an Outreach Week when they will mobilize as many students as possible to go all in to share the gospel with the campus during the week. Students also lead the way to follow-up with their peers.

    We coach students toward the following 4 Campus Objectives:

    • Give every student the opportunity to hear the gospel, respond & plug into a local church
    • Multiply the number of students active in sharing Christ at their school
    • Gather the support they need from the local community
    • Develop leaders to continue the movement for years to come

    The 1st Amendment guarantees students' rights to share their faith freely as well as to distribute Bibles & religious literature. The Equal Access Act requires that Christian clubs be granted the same access to campus as all other clubs. 

    The Pacific Justice Institute has provided legal backing to NSP since the beginning. They have documented everything that students can do to reach their campus. They have also pledged free unlimited legal counsel & litigation should it ever become necessary. 


    Students grow tremendously when they step out to share Christ with their campus. Students, parents & youth pastors have shared that they see students growing in faith, prayer, boldness, dependence on the Lord, leadership and their own love and worship for the Lord.

    Visit the testimonies page to hear firsthand leaders what God is doing.

How you can help

High schoolers can make a tremendous impact for the Lord at their schools. 

They need your help in the process. And we need your help too!

  • Pray

    We believe all great works of God are undergirded & sustained through the prayers of God's people. We are praying for God to bring an awakening to every campus across the nation. Please join us by fervently praying for:

    • Your students to have great boldness for Christ
    • Your students' unsaved friends
    • Your students'  school. 
    • The movement to see an awakening of students across the nation.

    Sign up here to receive our prayer bulletin.

  • Encourage

    High schools are a vast mission field. Students are more receptive to the Lord now than they will be the rest of their lives. We are praying God will bring a spiritual awakening to your student's school. It won't happen if strong Christian leaders sit on the sidelines. Parents can help by encouraging your students to:
    • Make time to join &/or lead the outreach efforts at their schools
    • Persevere through challenges & any persecution they face
    • Share the gospel with their friends
    • Invite friends to outreach events
    • Follow-up with friends after outreach events
  • Thank & Advocate

    We encourage parents to thank administrators when they allow students to practice their legal rights on campus. Send them thank you notes after students' Outreach Weeks. We also encourage parents as necessary to advocate for students' rights to share the gospel at their schools.

  • Follow-up

    We train high schoolers to lead the entire outreach process, from start to finish. This includes challenging them to follow-up with students who hear the gospel through their outreaches. We encourage parents to join in this. 

    This could be by inviting students to your home for dinner or a party. It could be by helping your students lead a follow-up Bible study in your home. Whatever way works, we encourage parents to help your students follow-up with their friends.

  • support

    Students may need your financial support to buy posters, t-shirts &/or pizza for their rallies. You can provide this directly to them or their club. 

    As an organization, we also need your support! We are happy to provide our coaching to students free of charge, but it isn't free for us to provide. We're trusting the Lord to provide as the we seek to expand the Illinois School Project and reach more schools and more students with the Gospel! To make a one-time gift or to become a financial partner click here