What is the national school project?

We coach high school students to share the gospel boldly, one on one and in front of hundreds, all right on campus during the school day.


Student-led, church-supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school.


To recruit and train university students to coach and mentor high school students to reach their campuses for Christ.

We need you to make that vision a reality.

We're looking for leaders passionate about Christ to join staff with NSP. You'll be in a position to make a huge gospel impact, affecting the lives of thousands of  lost students. Still interested? Scroll down to learn more!

Our Vision and Ministry Model

See How Students Have Already Been Impacted


  1. Are you passionate about seeing people come to know Christ in a personal way? 
  2. Do stories about growth and transformation in the lives of students and young people make you excited? 
  3. Are you an advocate of mentorship relationships and key discipleship opportunities? 
  4. Do you believe participation in outreach and evangelism is a key aspect of discipleship? 
  5. Are you a team player that is looking for a high achieving, entrepreneurial work culture? 
  6. Are you looking for a job that you can grow in and commit to for at least two years? 
  7. Are you devoted to personal growth and self improvement? 
  8. Can you see yourself as a local missionary, willing to face trials and hardships for the sake of the gospel? 
  9. Are you willing to receive witnessing training and to personally participate in it on a regular basis? 
  10. Would you be willing to support raise your salary and ministry expenses with the help of extensive training, key strategies, and support?  

If you answered YES to at least 8 of the questions above, chances are you are an EXCELLENT fit for our organization! Click below to see our available staff positions!

drive the mission forward!

You can partner with us right away by providing for the training students need to succeed in reaching their campuses. Whether you join us or full-time or not, you can make a big impact on this gospel mission.