• What does partnering with NSP look like?:


    • Recruit your People to Pray 
    • En​courage Student Involvement 
    • Actively Engage as Pastors 
    • Collaborate in Shared Vision 
    • He​lp Support the Mission Financially

    If your church wants to support the ministry at a campus, get in touch with us!

  • 1. Recruit your People to Pray

    We believe prayer is powerful. We are seeing churches be inspired and impacted by the students boldly reaching their schools for Christ. The students also need the church to empower them through prayer. Here are ways to recruit your church to pray:

    • Before outreach week happens get your church to pray
    • Include prayer requests in your communication with students’ parents
    • Share prayer requests on your youth group &/or church social media
    • Include prayer requests in pastor’s prayer meetings
  • 2. Encourage Student Involvement

    We are here to serve you and your students. We do this by providing students coaching to reach their campuses. One of the most influential voices of empowerment and encouragement is a student’s youth pastor. Here are ways you can encourage student involvement, as you are ministering to them on a regular basis:

    • Identify & challenge l​eaders t​o lead outreach on campus
    • Encourage broad student involvement
    • Encourage those who are actively leading, to keep them going
  • 3. Actively engage as pastors

    We want to do this together. We can’t do it on our own. You can’t do it on your own. We know you’re busy. Here are key ways you can engage in significant ways with limited time:

    • Include your head pastor in knowing all God's doing through students reaching their schools.
    • Connect your youth pastor to an NSP rep to partner further. 
    • Speak at student-­led, on campus rallies or weekly Bible studies
    • Pray together as pastors in your area (YP ­ mtg once/month; SR pastors ­ mtg once/year) 
    • Get other churches involved
    • Stay connected with NSP rep on progress, opportunities & challenges of students and schools in your area. 
    • Area­-wide events to inspire & challenge students (back to school prayer nights) 
  • 4. Collaborate in Shared Vision

    We’re looking forward to the day when thousands of churches are partnering together to see thriving student-­led, evangelistic movements happening at every school in America, and all funneling new believers back into these churches. Here is how you can collaborate with us in this shared vision:

    • Own​ the vision with NSP.  NSP is a project for all of us because the schools of IL are our mission field and will not be unreached with gospel on our watch. 
    • Share ​feedback and ideas to enhance the movement in your area. We value local church leaders’ input on how to best apply and cultivate the NSP ministry model at high schools in your area. 
    • Collaborate ​together in partnership & area­-wide events with other churches in your area and NSP. 
    • Engage  as listed above.
  • 5. Help Support The Mission Financially

    We depend on the support of individuals and churches. Here are two main ways you can become an owner of this mission by enabling a specific school outreach to go forth and NSP to continue serving the church & students at large. Both are equally needed in order to see this movement thrive.

    • Support your students in their school specific outreach funding needs. (e.g. pizza, t­-shirts, posters). 
    • We are happy to provide our coaching to your students free of charge, but it isn't free on our end to provide. Take ownership by partnering with us financially through a monthly or one-­time gift!