pray with us

We pray for the day God brings student-led, church-supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school and we want you to join us in that! This is an exciting vision and we have a God-sized mission field to accomplish this in. More than our own prayers, we realize that we will not see the changes we're working toward without the prayers of many, which means you! There are two main ways you can join us in prayer:

  • Check out our Prayer Calendar! This calendar walks you through our vision for 40 days of guided prayer. A specific and intentional way to be praying your local public schools and the students and community members that could be impacted by the work of the gospel through Christian students. 
  • Sign up for Story of the Week! Choose one or more email updates and see exciting stories from the front-lines of the ministry as well as join us in praying for specific schools and students each week.