Outreach guides

Big vision, simple strategies

This year, students coached by NSP shared the gospel with over 22,000 of their peers, with over 1,250 deciding to accept Christ for the first time. That brings the totals to 130,000+ and 5,250+ since 2004. 

This is only possible through God's power, the prayer and support of thousands of believers, and the powerful strategies laid out in the NSP Outreach Guide.

NSP mentors meet weekly with bold Christian club leaders, walking them through the Outreach Guide. Soon, those students are motivated and equipped to reach their entire campus with the gospel, going out in personal witnessing and organizing outreach rallies attended by hundreds. These students are leading a gospel movement, but we have our own part to play.

The Outreach Guide gives them a big vision and the simple strategies to make that vision a reality. It's up to you to give them the Outreach Guide. 

NSP needs to raise $25 per Outreach Guide. Over 500 will soon be rolling off the presses in preparation for the school year. To make that happen, our goal is to raise $4,500 by July 22nd. Will you help us get there?

Donate to put Outreach Guides into the hands of students!

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Outreach Guides cost NSP roughly $25 each. At this time of rapid growth, we're printing over 500. Other funds are committed towards the project, so our goal is to raise $4,500 by July 22nd towards the summer printing.

Please consider joining us to put these guides into the hands of students who need them.

$25 covers one outreach guide

$100 covers a club leadership team

$150 covers club leaders and their mentors

$450 covers a cluster of 3 schools. 

Want to know what the Outreach Guide is like? Check out a sample here.

Make a direct impact by coving the cost of an Outreach Guide or a set of Outreach Guides!