In the coming year, 30+ Student Leaders will help grow gospel movements at more than 125 public school campuses across the nation.

Will you help send them?

MOTIVATION | Student Leaders in NSP are motivated by three tragic trends: 

  • Students at public high schools desperately need the gospel,  
  • Christian students need training to share the gospel effectively, 
  • And lost students are not going to the church to learn about God. 

These tragic problems present several incredible gospel opportunities:

  • High school students are ready to hear the gospel of Christ,  
  • Christian students at public schools can legally share the gospel on campus, during the school day,  
  • And local churches have many opportunities to reach students at public schools, when christian students lead the way. 

Student Leaders work to make these opportunities the God-empowered reality that heals the tragedy.

Part-time job,

full-time responsibility

Student Leaders take on a part-time job with full-time responsibility to bring about student-led, church supported campus awakening to the love of Christ. Check out this job description:

  • Recruit and train college students: Student Leaders recruit a team of around 6-8 college age volunteers and train them to share the good news of Jesus, and to mentor high school leaders.
  • Coach high school students: Student Leaders provide coaching to high school Christian club leaders to help them share the gospel with all the students at their public school.
  • Build community partnerships: Student Leaders partner with pastors, parents, and teachers to ensure that students sharing Christ are supported in prayer and that students receiving Christ can learn how to grow in Him.
  • Bring Christ to lost students: Student Leaders share Christ directly with high school students, and equip mentors and club leaders to share the good news with even more. Through all these people and efforts, the message of salvation goes out in public schools and God is faithful to bring students to himself.

This is a big job and only succeeds as these leaders faithfully depending on Christ to enable them for His work. Because He is faithful, year after year, we see that God uses Student Leaders to change Students’ Lives.


Student Leaders take on this role as a part-time job, working an average of 16-20 hours/week. 

Funding |  Depending on their role, it costs between $12,000 and $15,000 to send each Student Leader into the field, and each leader is responsible to

help fundraise over half those costs. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • payroll and taxes for 9 months. Getting paid for their work means they don’t have to find another job or internship to get through school or prepare for their future.
  • training expenses. Training begins with a two-week intensive where leaders learn everything from evangelism to leadership and campus outreach. These expenses and others ensure leaders are well-equipped for their role.
  • admin support. Supporting Student Leaders in the field includes payroll and donation processing, management structures, and strong accountability.

Prayer | Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel (Ephesians 6:19)

We trust God to use these Student Leaders to change lives. Join with many others to pray that He gives them the grace to make known the word of Life to students in need.

God uses student leaders
to change students' lives

In the coming year, 30+ Student Leaders will help grow gospel movements at over 125 campuses across the nation.

Will you send them?