Join together with Christian club leaders from 35+ schools. Through a time of prayer, worship, Bible study, and outreach planning, you can unite together with students like you. Together, a group of passionate Christian students can step out in faith to reach thousands of their peers for Christ.

WhY Unite?

  • Be a part of something bigger

    As a leader for Christ at your school, it can sometimes feel as if you're all alone. The truth is that there are many bold students just like you, desperately wanting to see their schools reached with the gospel. By coming to UNITE, you'll feel the camaraderie of being in ministry with other students like you.

  • plan outreach alongside others

    You can plan outreach alongside students from your school, as well as students from other schools. Imagine if students from multiple schools in your area all hosted outreach the same week! Imagine what could happen.

  • Unite together in prayer

    Prayer is foundational to your ministry. Come to UNITE to join together in prayer for your school and others, as well as all other schools across Chicagoland. Having the support and prayer of others will be invaluable, so we unite in prayer.


Who: Christian club leaders from 35+ high and middle schools, and college student mentors from around Chicagoland.

When: 5-8 pm (dinner provided)


Harvest Bible Chapel Palos Heights

6600 W 127th St

Palos Heights, IL 60463