2018 campus mentors

The average person never learns how to share their faith while in school but, with your help, our Campus Mentors can change that! In fact, this year we are mobilizing a team of 150 mentors to reach the students at 120 schools across the nation to see student-led, church supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school!

Statistically, 84% of all people in America come to faith before the age of 18 and high school kids are legally allowed to witness on campus when literally no one else is! That means that if our middle school and high school students could simply be equipped to share their faith, their potential to reach their peers and campus with the gospel is HUGE. 

That is why our Campus Mentors are trained to teach high school and middle school students three powerful outreach strategies that have seen astounding results: personal gospel conversations, providing Christian materials to fellow classmates, and hosting amazing events (gospel rallies) on campus where hundreds of students hear the gospel.

Our mentors are SO excited to be a part of this mission and would love to have you to partner with them in reaching public schools for Christ in the following two ways:


These mentors are on the frontlines of gospel outreach, they need the body of Christ to come alongside them in prayer and financial support.

Pray for our mentors!  We know that we must ask God to do for us through Christ what we can’t do for ourselves — bear fruit. And we are praying big prayers: For God to bring an awakening through the next generation in our time! Therefore, we want as many people as possible to pray with us! Would you please commit to pray for the next 40 days.

To join us in 40 Days of Prayer and download the prayer guide click here.

Send our mentors!  A variety of circumstances affect how much it costs to send a Campus Mentor. Some examples being the distance of their school from their college, the number of outreaches the school is able to put on, the possible cost of a mission trip or training event, and more. Typically, the actual cost of sending a Campus Mentor is more than $600. Our Campus Mentors are aiming to raise $500 to support themselves and their student's in this ministry, and NSP subsidizes the rest. Would you support a Campus Mentor today?